Any test-taker knows the anxiety that can come with being unprepared. Therefore, it’s important to study strategically to achieve your best.

You might wonder if you are making the most of your study time, and if there are ways that you can improve your efficiency.

With the following tips and tricks, you will have more time to think about your job search after the exam.

This advice is sure to help you stay focused and prepare and pass your exam with flying colors.

Consider an app

Since everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, apps are a great way to study on the go. These apps are perfect to use when you are commuting, or just when you find yourself with some extra time throughout the day.

The following are some great flashcard apps that will help you get to work:

  • Studyblue: This app allows you to create your own study aids and share them. There is a no-charge version of the app for iPhone and Android, which allows users to create their own materials and that doesn’t charge for wifi.
  • Quizlet: This is a great one to work on your memorization. Quizlet also allows shareable material, and something called “study sets”. Images can also be added to help solidify concepts; you can take what you’ve created on the go with you.
  • Cram: Cram offers a more tangible and nostalgic way to study. While also having desktop and mobile versions, Cram allows old souls to print out flashcards too.

Get Academic with an Exam Prep Aid

Exam prep aids can help you derive the nuts and bolts of what you will need for your exam.

The Real Estate Exam Prep Master is a great option that can be bought by itself or together with a pre-licensing course.

What’s more, you will get the money back from your purchase if you don’t pass the exam.

This exam aid allows you to select from different learning styles. Specifically, the prep master offers the following formats:

  • Coach format: Questions are presented to you one at a time and answers are provided right after, with explanations.
  • Power format: This format is like a real exam environment. Answers are not displayed until the end of the “test” and no tips are provided throughout.
  • Pace format: This style’s pace gets faster as the exam continues. This is great practice for those who are trying to increase their test-taking speed.

Don’t let your Computer be a Distraction

There are many programs that can help you focus by blocking out the ongoing distractions of the internet.

You can also block specific websites that you check too often.

For example, tools like Cold Turkey and Focus Me will ensure the websites of your choice are blocked for the amount of time that you select. There is also an option to schedule time blocks on a weekly basis.

Time yourself

The brain loves order, so a great way to get down to studying is to time yourself.

This can force you to intensely focus for short spurts of time.

The Pomodoro Method is a well-known technique used for time management. It goes like this: you work for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break.

This cycle is called a Pomodoro. After you have repeated this cycle 4 times, you are rewarded with a 15-minute break. You can set a timer yourself or use an online tool.

Set Attainable Study Goals

Setting small waypoints is a great way to conquer large tasks. These can be material or psychological-based goals; for example, you can state a certain amount of material that you hope to get through or you can dictate how focused or calm you would like to be throughout your study session.

Take some time when you are finished your session to consider the progress you made on your goals.

Did you achieve what you wanted? Where can you improve? Monitoring progress is the most sure-fire way to know that you are improving.

Prep Now so you can Celebrate Later

Preparing well for any exam is important, and preparing effectively for your real estate licensing exam will help guarantee you pass on your first attempt.

The above tools should give you a head start at hitting the books, ensuring that you don’t wear yourself out in the process.

For these tips and tricks, we interviewed Dr. Travis Laas who is a realtor that specializes in selling horse farms in Wellington FL.

We hope you found these points useful, feel free to add of your own recommendations in the comments section.